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A warm welcome from LionHeart

Thank you for visiting our website to find out more about us, and the work we do.

LionHeart is the benevolent fund for RICS members, past and present, and their families.
Our aim is quite simple: to be there for members whenever life throws them a curve ball. 

If you watch the short video above, you'll hear some of our staff describe what they do and the type of cases they help with.

The services we provide range from financial support, health and wellbeing packages, work-related support and legal advice. 

We also offer a selected number of services for global RICS members, candidates and applicants. 

We want to help as many RICS members as we can, no matter what their circumstances. We don't provide a 'one size fits all' service, but work with people to find out about all of their needs so we can provide a responsive and sensitive package of support.  

We are funded through the generosity of past and present RICS members who care enough about their colleagues to support us. We don't get any government or other grants. 

What you said about us...  

small leftt quote pngIt is only about one year to the day that I decided that I would become self-employed and open up my own  company. 

Things were going well until only three weeks in to this new and fantastic experience I suffered a horrendous body injury which resulted in me being unable to work for five months, unable to drive and house bound.

Within an incredibly short period of time LionHeart were on my doorstep to provide support, morally, financially and, most importantly to me at that stage, emotionally.

LionHeart saw me though an incredibly tough time in my life and for their ongoing support I will always be extremely grateful.  

I sincerely urge any others facing difficult times (no matter how trivial you feel the issue might be) to get in touch with this amazing charity.
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Helpline 0845 6039057