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Remembering LionHeart in your will

Every year LionHeart provides support to more and more surveyors and their families. We have been here for the profession for 125 years and we want to ensure we can continue to be here for future generations too. 


Gifts included in wills can help continue our valuable support to past and present RICS members - people like you who just happen to be experiencing difficult times or personal challenges. 


A gift in your will costs you nothing now but can make a huge difference for years to come, and can be included in a new will or added to an existing will. You may even be able to write your will for free with LionHeart through our free wills service. 


After making provision for your loved ones, we ask our supporters to consider leaving a residuary gift of 1% to LionHeart. Obviously, this is just a suggestion, and you can of course include any gift you wish based on your own wishes and circumstances. Including any gift to LionHeart in your will is a wonderful way to express gratitude and support for your profession. Our FAQs may help you decide what's best for you.  


We are extremely grateful to everyone who chooses to give in such a special way, so please do let us know if you've decided to include us in your will so we can thank you personally. 

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If you're thinking about including a gift to LionHeart in your will, you may be interested in: 

If you want to find out more, why not take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions, or get in touch with our Fundraiser, Faye Smith




"Why I am leaving a legacy to LionHeart"

How a chartered surveyor who was helped as a child after the death of his father, also a surveyor, has pledged a legacy as a "way of saying thanks" 


Generous legacy of LionHeart founder's great grandson

LionHeart has been left a generous legacy from the great grandson of the chartered surveyor who first founded the charity in 1899 - the culmination of a long and proud family history which has supported generations of surveyors

You can also download our leaflet on 'Leaving a Legacy' here