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A legacy for the future
Remembering LionHeart in your will

We have been here and will continue to be here for generations of Chartered Surveyors, and we rely on the support of their colleagues past, present and future to help. Leaving us a legacy means that your gift carries on giving for years to come as we continue to support your colleagues beyond your lifetime.

After looking after the people that are important to you, leaving LionHeart a legacy in your will is a great way to express your support for your profession and your colleagues.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who leaves us a legacy, and would like to say thankyou to every individual that pledges to do that. If you let us know that you intend to leave us a legacy we can thank you personally, tell you about our work and keep in touch with you, so we can tell you about our successes and plans. All members who leave us a legacy are also invited to become members of our exclusive group for important LionHeart supporters, the LionHeart Guild.

If you're thinking about leaving us a legacy perhaps you'd like to read our Impact Report to find out more about how we spend the money we raise and how we help people. Or you can read about some of our case studies and what the people we've helped have said about LionHeart here.

You can also read about one man's story on why he chose to leave a legacy to LionHeart here

If you want to find out more please do get in touch - we can talk to you about why legacies are so important to us and how you can help, and we can keep in touch with you to tell you about our progress.

Other ways to help:
Helpline 0845 6039057* or     024 7646 6696