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Retirement today can be a time of choice and opportunity.

With better health than previous generations we can now look forward to a good, active life well past retirement age. Most of us will have around an additional 25 years or more of reasonably good health once our work days are over.

It’s probably the first time in our lives that there will be no demands on our time other than those we choose. This gives us the opportunity to explore all the things we’ve always wanted to do but could never previously find the time for. 

Some might use the time to go travelling or try new experiences, some might want to give back to the community by volunteering and others might decide to take up a new hobby or even turn an existing hobby into a small business. The possibilities are endless.

Decisions, decisions...

The decision of when, or even whether, to retire has become even more significant in recent years. There is no longer an expectation that we will retire at a certain age as we are free to continue working for as long as we wish.

However, this freedom of choice can make the decision of when to retire all the more challenging! Going from working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, with often very structured days, to suddenly having another 40 to 50 hours of additional leisure time to fill can be overwhelming, and many struggle to manage the transition.

To give RICS members the best start in planning their retirement, LionHeart has teamed up with the UK’s leading provider of retirement preparation courses, Laterlife, to offer a series of Head start to retirement workshops for members and their partners who may be thinking about retirement. 

As well as being an invaluable way to help you think about retirement, these workshops also count towards your informal CPD hours! Find out more and register your interest now.

In addition to the workshops, we can also provide:
  • A dedicated support officer to talk through any concerns and create a package of support tailored to your need
  • Factsheets covering essentials of retirement and offering top tips to help you start preparing for your post-work life
  • Counselling with one of our experienced BACP registered counsellors
  • A referral to our careers consultants, who may offer help and advice on becoming self-employed or part-retired
  • Additional help, which may include legal advice from our partner Law Express (this can be for either a personal or business matter).
Laterlife training director Dave Sinclair has written a guest blog for us on how making the right choices at the right time is vital for getting the most out of retirement.

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