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The subject of neurodiversity is increasingly coming up within workplaces and professions, with surveying being no exception.

An increase in the numbers of people seeking diagnoses of ADHD and autistic spectrum disorder as adults has led to a rise in surveying professionals reaching out to LionHeart for support. Many of them say they fear raising the subject at work because they are worried about the impact it will have on their careers.

A previous survey of RICS professionals and trainees carried out by LionHeart showed a proportionately high number identified as having dyslexia, with two-thirds saying they were affected. Some 40% of respondents said they had not made their employer aware of their diagnosis, meaning they were getting no additional support at work.

Employers have legal responsibilities towards their staff and must offer to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate neurodiverse employees by law. 

neuroOur legal advice partners Law Express have produced this Neurodiversity in the Workplace factsheet which provides more information.


How LionHeart can support

Managing an existing diagnosis or coming to terms with a new diagnosis in adult life can be challenging especially if you are trying to balance the demands of working life at the same time.

LionHeart can help with: 

  • How to approach your employer/ manager, including how to request reasonable adjustments that may make professional life more manageable
  • Advice on applying for Access to Work funding and signposting to other sources of support
  • Help with approaching APC and final assessment
  • Referral to our legal advice helpline if necessary
  • Coaching and counselling through the LionHeart team, including CBT principles for ADHD
  • Ongoing support and contact from a named LionHeart support officer for as long as you need it, as you navigate what may be a new chapter in your life

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