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Are you facing an investigation by RICS ?

Receiving a letter informing you or your firm of a formal investigation that could lead to a disciplinary issue can be the beginning of a very serious and challenging period for members and firms.

LionHeart can provide confidential and impartial support and a range of services to help. These include:

Legal Advice

Our partner, Law Express, will provide free one-off legal advice for one hour on issues including:
  • Insurance & Pensions
  • Wills & Inheritance
  • Employment Law
  • Company Law
  • Health & Safety at Work

Financial Support

LionHeart can help you in certain circumstances with grants for up to two years. We also offer debt management and advice, and in certain cases we can help you with bankruptcy fees. 

We are unable to assist with the payment of any fines, penalties or costs that relate to the disciplinary procedure. 
Find out more about LionHeart grants.

Health & Wellbeing

If you are struggling with financial problems, anxiety, relationship difficulties and whatever else life can throw at you, LionHeart can offer confidential support from our officers and trained counsellors.

Click here to access our page on Managing Stress and Building Resilience.

What next?

If you need some support from LionHeart, simply get in touch by either telephone on 0121 289 3300 or 0800 009 2960 or by email on