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RICS Concessions

If you are receiving financial help from LionHeart, RICS will consider postponing your subscription until you are able to pay or, in some circumstances, agree to waive your subscription.

If you fall into one of the groups listed below, you could be entitled to a concession:
  • Non-practising: for those who are no longer working in a surveying related role
  • Family raising: for those members who are currently raising a family and taking a career break to do so
  • Part-time: for those members who are working part time hours
  • Retired: for members who have retired from practice
  • Unemployed/seeking work: if you are out of work and actively looking for paid work
  • Ill-health: if you are off work due to ill-health or incapacity
  • Academic: if you teach students about surveying in a higher education establishment
  • Dual membership: if you hold membership of another recognised professional body
  • Maternity or adoption: if you are due to have a baby or are taking time off to adopt a child
To apply for a membership concession, go to

There is a deadline of 31 December for non-practising, part-time, unemployed or academic concessions. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please call us on 0121 289 3300 or 0845 6039057 to see if we can help. 

Helpline 0845 6039057             or 0121 289 3300*