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APC Ambassadors

At LionHeart, we understand from the work we do that the APC process can be a particularly challenging time and so we are constantly developing the support we are able to offer.

As well as access to our own team of support officers and counsellors, we are also recruiting APC ambassadors to share their experiences and insights from their own professional journey. All are either recently qualified RICS professionals or are currently going through the APC process themselves.

Our APC ambassadors hope to inspire and encourage their fellow industry colleagues, share tips, and help LionHeart develop the best support possible for young professionals. 

  • To find out more about our APC Ambassadors please contact our engagement officer Rakhee Sharma at rsharma@lionheart.org.uk

Our Ambassadors



Evie Watson

Evie Watson, 24, lives and works in Edinburgh after graduating from Heriot Watt University. She passed her APC in December 2019 after 2 years of working.

She says: "My practice area is Quantity Surveying, largely within building construction under commercial, defence, residential, education and healthcare sectors.

"This experience helped me prepare for my APC, along with a supportive employer. I work for a global construction engineering consultancy where I work within the Cost Management team. 

"I'm looking forward to supporting the great work that LionHeart do and excited to be a LionHeart APC ambassador."



ykYasin Karbhari

Yasin kicked off his career in 2014 with a global Quantity Surveying company whilst in his final year at Kingston University.

He's since contributed to a number of high profile construction projects for global leaders in the finance, retail and health sectors. 

Yasin’s current role at Turner & Townsend involves in mentoring junior members of staff and coaching their APC process.
He says: "
Everybody goes through moments in their life when they need support, advice on work-related worries, or simply a good chat with an empathetic listener. 

"I chose to become an ambassador for LionHeart because I understand first-hand the value of the work they do. Not long ago, I unexpectedly lost an immediate family member just weeks before my APC assessment. I struggled - I didn’t feel there was anyone I could speak to that understood what I was going through. I’m passionate about doing all I can to help support others that may be struggling with their own unique situations."


gbGemma Begbie

Gemma studied Architecture as an undergraduate degree before completing a Masters in Construction Project Management in 2011, then an LLM in Construction Law in 2019. She became a member of the RICS in 2015 and currently works as a Senior Project Manager for Turner & Townsend.

Gemma says: “Because I've continued to study for much of my adult life and worked hard to build a successful career, there is a perception that academia comes naturally to me and I handle stress well; however, this could not be further from the truth. I’ve always battled with the pressure of other people’s expectations against how I really feel inside.

"Having experienced my own mental health issues in the past I feel compelled to help others to open up in ways that, until very recently, I have been unable to. The construction industry is such a macho environment and the feeling that we are unable to talk when we experience poor mental health is debilitating. Through working with LionHeart, I hope to be able to break down the stigma attached to mental health and help people to talk more openly about how they feel."



scSunny Cheema

Since completing his university degree in Quantity Surveying, Sunny has been progressing his career and recently qualified as a member of the RICS.

He now dedicates time to helping peers to also become chartered surveyors.
By understanding and learning to overcome the magnitude of the workload required to achieve his own chartership, Sunny hopes to be able to provide support for others in establishing a better work-study balance during this demanding time.

He says: "The challenges I faced during my own experience can now be shared, ideally in order to help others to overcome any difficulties that they may face on their own journey to passing their APC."

ncsmNatasha Collins

Natasha started as a graduate surveyor in 2010 and worked in practice for 6 years. During that time she gained her MSc in Surveying through the University of Reading and went on to become chartered in 2015.

 In 2016 Natasha started NC Real Estate, where she specialises in asset management, and is also a lecturer with the University College of Estate Management, teaching property management at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Working herself 'past the point of being healthy' the first time she took her APC led Natasha to seek support from LionHeart.

After she was successful the next time she was determined to help others in a similar position and, working with LionHeart, devised and delivered one of our first wellbeing workshops Supercharge Your Wellbeing workshop, which is specially aimed at helping APC candidates through what is potentially a very stressful time.



jen-hobartJennifer Hobart

Jennifer spent two and a half years as a graduate surveyor in Milton Keynes before joining Jones Lang LaSalle in 2015. She qualified in June 2017 and does a variety of work including building surveys and Dilapidations and Contract administration.

Jen has struggled with anxiety since she was a teenager, but desperately tried to ignore it and pretend it wasn’t a problem.

She says: “I eventually decided to face it after I was referred following my first attempt at assessment. I came across a seminar called Supercharge Your Wellbeing by LionHeart, which I believe was the turning point that helped me to achieve my chartership that summer."


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