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Corporate Support

LionHeart is the only charity specifically set up to support the surveying community and the way we work with firms in the industry is a really important part of that.

Many firms choose to support LionHeart because they want to give something back to the profession whilst ensuring their staff have access to the very best support possible. After all, happy and healthy employees contribute towards better and stronger businesses.

We work closely with many firms through our corporate and organisational partnerships. Although it doesn't cost anything to be a partner, many choose to make donations to support our work, or facilitate ways for their staff to support us.

Some larger firms bulk pay the subs for their RICS members each year through a corporate payment scheme. This means, though, that those individuals don't automatically get the chance to make their annual donation to LionHeart via the subs process - so we miss out on crucial income. 

As an independent charity, we receive no grant funding and rely solely on donation income but there are a number of different ways businesses and their employees can support us.



If you would like to know more about how your firm or organisation can support LionHeart, please contact our fundraiser, Carolyn McDonald on, who will be delighted to discuss it with you.

Thanks for your interest in LionHeart!


LionHeart is an amazing charity that SDL supports. The services they provide are invaluable - and you never know when your own circumstances might change and you may require their support."
James Billington, SDL