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Our Ambassadors

At LionHeart we are fortunate enough to have a growing band of dedicated volunteers who give their time and commitment to be 'champions' for LionHeart.

Our ambassadors play an imp20220617_104330ortant role in helping us to raise awareness of how we can support RICS members at any stage of their career - no matter what challenges they are facing.


Some have previously been supported by us during a difficult time, and now want to help make others realise they're not alone.

Some have lived experience of mental ill health and have a particular interest in helping to raise

awareness and further our work in this area.

Our APC ambassadors are all either recently qualified MRICS or working towards chartered status and are helping us shape the support we offer to younger professionals.

And our global and networking ambassadors based all over the world are helping us increase our reach and awareness of LionHeart's services.

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Mental health ambassadors

APC ambassadors

Global ambassadors

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