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Youth counselling

Youth Counselling 

LionHeart is offering a much-needed youth counselling service for the children of RICS professionals for the first time. 

Free, professional counselling sessions can now be offered to young people aged 12 to 18 through our partnership with youth counselling charity Open Door Counselling. 

It is in addition to the in-house counselling service we already offer RICS professionals and their partners and recognises the strain that youth mental health issues can place upon the whole family unit.  

The new youth counselling service will offer young people a safe and confidential space to explore any of the issues that are facing them and comes at a time when many statutory services in the UK are stretched to capacity, with long waiting lists to access help.  

More than one in 10 school children have a diagnosable mental health problem and yet three-quarters of them do not get access to the support they need.  In 2020, that figure was said to have risen to almost one in six.

And around half of all adults with mental health issues first experienced problems by the age of 14 - making early intervention and support for young people more important than ever, particularly with Covid-19, lockdown restrictions and the disruption to education all expected to have had an effect on the wellbeing and development of teenagers in particular.  

Who is eligible?

LionHeart youth counselling will be offered to the dependants of UK-based RICS professionals, including APC candidates and AssocRICS. Sessions will be online-based and young people must have a private space they can use to access sessions.    

How to find out more

Please contact the LionHeart support team for an initial chat and for a referral to be made to our partners. Call the helpline on 0800 009 2960 or email