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Quick help in an emergency

Emergency Grant

Sometimes you need quick short term financial help to get you through the immediate aftermath of an unexpected emergency.

LionHeart's short term emergency grant is for RICS members worldwide who have been affected by an unexpected environmental disaster including earthquakes or storms or other incidents such as fire or flood.  We may also be able to offer help to those professionals affected by geopolitical events, including acts of terrorism, war or civil war, which has led to them being displaced.

The grant of up to £1000 (or equivalent) is designed to be quick and easy to access specifically to help people through the immediate aftermath of any emergency or event outside their control, especially if they've been forced to leave their homes and it will take time to access other help such as insurances or government aid.  

Once our support officers have been able to make reasonable checks to ensure that you have been affected, the grant will be made as a one-off payment to your bank account.

They can also work with you to determine whether we can offer any other ongoing help, and advise ways we may be able to support you in future.

To find out if we can help, please call us on 0800 009 2960 or +44 121 289 3300 if you are outside the UK.

Alternatively you can email the team on

Due to the way our charity is constituted, our financial and emergency support is designed to be accessed by individuals and their immediate family members only and LionHeart is unable to contribute to organisational appeals or other fundraising. 

Della's Story

call-15924_1920Della called LionHeart to enquire about an emergency grant after her home in Wales was badly flooded, leaving her and her family temporarily homeless.


She said: "The help LionHeart offered was honestly a life saver. Taking the pressure off financially allowed us to focus on dealing with everything else to get our insurance claim started and accepted, find temporary accommodation and settle our three children at what was such a traumatic time for them."


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