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Could you be an Ambassador?

As part of the John O’Halloran Initiative, LionHeart has recruited 'ambassadors' to help us drive forward the mental health awareness message within the workplace, and at property sector events.

Our ambassadors are RICS professionals who have experience of mental ill health either personally or through a close relative or friend. They have all agreed to bravely share their experiences in the hope it will encourage others to speak out or seek support. 

The role of the ambassador:

Ambassadors will help us start a conversation about mental ill health and break down stigmas around seeking support. This might include: 


  • Talk: Start conversations around mental ill health within the workplace 
  • Promote: Raise awareness of mental health issues including the effects of poor mental health, and the importance of the right help in the workplace
  • Support: Work with property industry colleagues to proactively support mental wellbeing, and provide information on external support that is available 
  • Advocate: Share guidance and information provided by LionHeart with colleagues and managers 
  • Encourage: Encourage colleagues and managers to participate in workshops and training to increase their understanding of mental health 
  • Share: Share your personal experiences at events like the John O'Halloran Symposium, or via the LionHeart blog or social media platforms

LionHeart will be happy to provide ambassadors with any necessary support and guidance for this role.

To find out more, or for an informal chat, please contact Jo Grant, Mental Health Project Co-ordinator at 

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