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Help throughout your career's ups and downs

LionHeart has expanded the range of support on offer to people who not only find themselves out of work but who may be looking to make changes in their working lives for whatever reason.

We have a range of external partners who can offer free specialist support if you find yourself out of the workplace due to job loss or redundancy, or having taken a career break to raise a family, for example.

But many people who don't fit into those criteria may also benefit from having a little extra support when it comes to job hunting in a crowded market, or taking a career in a slightly different direction.

Our experienced support officers are all trained in offering a coaching approach to people looking to make changes in their working lives. We can help with things like brushing up on your CV or simply be a sounding board to talk things through if you find yourself preparing for an important interview or weighing up different options.

We can also offer structured coaching sessions if you feel you would benefit from one-to-one help to make changes in your life or work towards a specific goal. 

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