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Stressed out?

Managing Stress and Building Resilience

Stress is not always a bad thing; it's only when you experience too much of it and for longer periods that it can start to have a negative impact on your life. 

Modern working life is busy and there are many factors which can contribute to an increase in your stress levels. Left unchecked, this can lead to further serious mental and physical health problems.

If your stress levels are starting to affect your life in a negative way, please give us a call. Support is tailored for each person, and can include any of the following:
  • Someone to talk to regularly and confidentially
  • Advice and resources to help you manage stress better
  • Counselling from one of our qualified counsellors
  • Further support might include legal advice, financial support or help to get back into work, for example
Our range of webinars have been specially designed to support your mental health and wellbeing, and these include a number of stress management topics. All have been tailored for surveyors and are delivered by experienced trainers.


Take time to breathe


Signs that you are stressed

Modern life can be tough. The pressures that life brings, like financial problems, health and wellbeing, or work-related issues, can all lead to feelings of stress.
Feeling that you cannot cope can contribute to physical problems like insomnia, lack of appetite, anxiety, headaches, or having low self esteem. 
When you are under stress your body releases stress hormones, often called the "fight or flight" response. If handled properly, once the pressure is over, your body often returns to normal, but being under constant pressure can lead to further health problems.
Spotting signs of stress early can help you nip the problem in the bud and work out ways to cope. 
Could you use some help to work through your stress? Call us on 0121 289 3300 or 0800 009 2960 or email and ask to speak to one of our BACP registered counsellors.