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Support through your APC

Support through your APC

Working towards your APC can be one of the most demanding times you’ll face during your career, and we know that for many people it can be a long and sometimes arduous process.

The team at LionHeart is able to support RICS professionals around the globe, right from their APC days throughout their working lives and into retirement.


We understand the pressures facing young surveyors and know that because working towards your chartered status is so very important to you, it’s a time in your life that has the potential to become very stressful.


LionHeart can offer support during this time in a variety of ways.


Help with Work Life Balance and Stress Management

If you find that the demands of working and studying at the same time are beginning to have a negative effect on your personal life, our experienced support officers can help you re-balance things. Sometimes it can be as simple as having someone to listen to your worries, but we can also help you identify the early stages of stress and find coping strategies before it leads to more serious problems.


Our experienced support officers can take a coaching approach to stress management with you, and can offer practical help and guidance.


We can also offer advice if you're dealing with referral during the APC process and struggling to get the right support at work.


  • LISTEN: One of our counsellors talks you through a 3-minute relaxation and breathing exercise here
  • Download our APC Support pack here


Workshops & Webinars

We offer a number of different workshops, many of which count towards your CPD requirements. These include wellbeing workshops aimed at improving your work life balance and boosting your resilience, which have been specially devised for LionHeart and are led by trainers who understand the surveying profession. 


  • Take a look at the range of webinars to support APC candidates here
  • View all forthcoming webinars and book spaces here



If there’s something going on in your life and you’re struggling to cope then our professional BACP registered counsellors offer a safe, non-judgmental space to talk and work through these feelings. The service is fully confidential and free to APC candidates and RICS professionals in the UK and Ireland, and we are proud to offer fast access to this expert help without the need to wait.


Almost 1 in 4 of the people we support now take up counselling, and they tell us it makes a huge difference to their lives. 


If you’d like to explore whether counselling might be for you, call for a no-obligation chat on 0121 289 3300 or 0800 009 2960 or watch our video below to find out more.


Financial or legal help

Having money worries can impact on every area of your life and can sometimes snowball into a very difficult situation. LionHeart is able to offer financial assistance in some circumstances, including cases of job loss or illness, for example. 

A support officer will be able to talk you through the many ways we can help you. We can also refer you for free specialist advice on managing debt or legal issues.


APC Ambassadors

Our APC ambassadors are all recently qualified RICS professionals who are working with LionHeart to help devleop the support we offer and who are happy to share their insights and experiences to help others.

Find out more here


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