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"You changed my life..."

People we've helped


The team at LionHeart genuinely care about the people we support, and go above and beyond to make sure we've done everything we can to make things a little easier, no matter what the circumstances.

As Bernadette Antoniou, one of our counsellors, says: "To work with someone who is at a very low point, and then be told later, you know, you changed my life - well, it's humbling; it's why I come to work."

Each of the stories below show what a difference LionHeart's support has made to people's lives.

<the cases above are all real examples of people LionHeart has helped and all have agreed for their story to be used. In some cases, names have been changed and pictures of models used to protect confidentiality>

What better way to show the difference we've made to people's lives than to share some of the feedback our team has received. Here's what some people we've helped have said about our support, in their own words: