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 "I wasn't sleeping and frequently broke down in tears."

Alice's story

Alice*, a surveyor in her 20s, called LionHeart when a stressful situation at work was beginning to have a real impact on her mental health.


We were able to offer her a referral for legal advice and a course of counselling, with a support officer regularly checking in between sessions.


She said: "My work environment had caused my mental health to deteriorate and I was struggling to get through each day without panic attacks. I wasn't sleeping and frequently broke down in tears."


Some initial legal advice really helped Alice and, working together with her counsellor, she gradually felt strong enough to make some decisions and move forward.


She added: "LionHeart was amazing at getting me through that incredibly difficult time in my career. I was given a structured programme by my counsellor that enabled me to put my life back together when I was at an all-time low.


"I felt extremely supported throughout; I never felt judged or that my worries were insignificant. I owe my recovery to the staff at LionHeart and would recommend them to anyone who needs their assistance."


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*Names changed to protect identities. Photo posed by model.