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Surveying Students

Support for Surveying Students

LionHeart is very excited to be able to offer support to students in the final year of their RICS qualifying degree programme for the first time.

After updating our governing documents - or charitable Articles of Association - we've widened the number of people we can help to reflect changes to the surveying profession.

As a result, we have launched a special student grant programme aimed at helping those from poorer backgrounds achieve their goal of getting into the surveying profession.


Who can we help?

Students in their final year of a qualifying degree programme who are in receipt of a full maintenance loan may apply to LionHeart for a grant to buy a suitable interview outfit and help with travel costs to attend interviews.

LionHeart can offer grants to cover up to four journeys to attend interviews and assessments which lead to entry into the surveying profession, where travel costs are not otherwise reimbursed by the recruiting firm.


Other support

Final year students on accredited programmes may also use LionHeart's coaching service and legal advice helpline.

Online training & development to support students 

We also offer a range of webinars which students can access to support their personal development, career skills and wellbeing. Find out more


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