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Anne's story

Anne* had been out of the surveying profession for close to 18 years after taking a break to raise her family when she came across a LionHeart return to work webinar.

She had been thinking about trying to restart her career now her children were older but, at the age of 50 and after so long out of the workplace, wasn't sure where - or how - to begin.

The webinar gave her a good starting point and, having found out more about the one-to-one support LionHeart could also offer, she decided to get in touch.

She said: "LionHeart provided advice and support and also referred me to career experts who were able to advise on strategies for returning to the workplace."

As well as input from our employment experts, Anne had regular check-in calls with her LionHeart support officer and some coaching sessions to help build her confidence.

Rating the services she'd received from LionHeart a top mark of 100, she explained: "The support motivated me and gave the confidence to persevere with the idea of returning to surveying after an 18-year career break."

After six months, Anne managed to secure a new job in London. She is now looking forward to a new chapter in her working life.


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*Names changed to protect identities. Photo posed by model.