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Adam's story (cropped)
"I wish I had contacted LionHeart sooner."
Adam's story 

Adam* got in touch with LionHeart after his wife, Karen*, handed him a piece of paper with the name and number of one of the support officers written on it.  

Karen had initially rung LionHeart to see if they could get some legal advice about his situation at work after it left Adam feeling so stressed he needed to take time off sick. 

He was at a crossroads in his life - facing redundancy, suffering ill-health, and one of his grown-up children was also experiencing turmoil in their personal life. 

The LionHeart support officer was able to talk Adam through the procedures his employer must follow under employment law, and what kind of things Adam ought to be considering throughout the process. 

He was also given a referral for free legal advice.   

Adam also decided to take up the offer of free counselling, suggested by his support officer during one of their regular calls.   

"I had never previously considered counselling," he says. "It was my wife who noticed the change in me and had made contact with LionHeart. I felt I had nothing to lose and, in hindsight, I had so much to gain."   

One of the coping strategies recommended to him during counselling was mindfulness, and LionHeart sent him a free book on the subject which he says has since really helped him to take things in his stride.   

"Relaxation techniques and meditation of sorts means I can go about my business without being overwhelmed as I had been before," he says.   

He is also learning to deal with family issues with his wife as a team.  

"I wish I had contacted LionHeart sooner - it probably would have meant that I would have sorted things out so much sooner," he says.   

"Regardless, I'm back where I want to be now."     

*Names changed to protect identities.  Photo posed by models.