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Sometimes in life we could all use a little extra support to get us to where we want to be.

A career can span several years or decades, and you can be a very different person to the one who starts out, as responsibilities, personal circumstances and lifestyle naturally evolve over the years.

LionHeart recognises that the average chartered surveyor may need very different support at different times in their lives - but the good news is, we can offer that support no matter what stage of your life or career you're at.

Many of our webinar subjects can help people identify and explore their needs and work towards their goals, whether that's in their work or personal lives.

Sometimes, it's necessary to make some changes to find a better work life balance, perform to the best of your ability or fulfil your career potential. It can be hard to figure out what those first steps might be, and how to make them, but speaking to someone experienced and impartial can help you to tackle difficulties or any setbacks you face to find a way forward. 

Our experienced support officers have helped many people just like you take a coaching approach to make beneficial changes and work towards their goals.


Why coaching?

There are plenty of reasons people can benefit from coaching. Many very successful people are advocates of coaching.

It may be for work-related issues, such as reaching a defined career goal, dealing with work-related stress, or developing your confidence. Or maybe there are issues in your personal life that you feel are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

How can it help?

Mary had a lot going on in her life when she embarked on her coaching sessions with LionHeart. Recovering from cancer treatment, she had been out of the workplace for some time and was about to start a new surveying post.


I cannot describe how important your support was.

For me, the coaching has been life-changing and I am extremely grateful to the highly skilled and insightful coach who guided me through the process.

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Michaela found herself at a career crossroads when she contacted LionHeart. When she decided to set up her own surveying business she was surprised at the range of expert support, including coaching, available to her through LionHeart.


What surprised me most about LionHeart was the range of advice available to me. I was able to tap into legal advice, had help with sales training, business and personal coaching. I hadn't been expecting to receive so much of Ben's time as I wasn't technically 'in crisis', but just needed advice and someone to talk through problems with.

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