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Welcome to LionHeart's library of pre-recorded webinars which all have your health and wellbeing at heart.


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ReturningWebinar - Returning to the Workplace after Lockdown

Many months out of the physical workplace? How to manage natural fears and tricky emotions around a return for a smoother transition. Delivered for LionHeart by cancer charity Maggie’s, drawing on their expertise of supporting people through challenging situations and returning to work.  Download

apcWebinar - Wellbeing for APC referral

Being referred at your final APC assessment can knock you for six, but our special one-hour webinar will give you practical tips to move forward successfully - while looking after your wellbeing at the same time.



SupportingWebinar - Supporting carers in the workplace More people than ever before are juggling work with providing unpaid care to an ill or disabled family member, friend or partner. Find out more about the challenges these employees face and how you can support them.   Download



caringWebinar - Caring for elderly relatives

1 in 8 of us now cares for an elderly relative. This one-hour webinar will look at how to balance work and your caring responsibilities, looking after your own wellbeing, your legal rights and what support and resources may be available to you.  Download

ReturnWebinar - Return to work for parents

Part one - Your Career & Returning to Work

The first 15-minute session in this three-part series looks at the positives and negatives of returning to work, from the practical side of things, flexible working, to your career goals, setting work-life boundaries, and reconnecting with the working you.     Download

ReturnWebinar - Return to work for parents

Part two - Choosing & Managing Childcare 

The second 15-minute session in our series explores the childcare aspect of returning to work, considering your options, how childcare will work for your family, and paying for childcare.       Download


ReturnWebinar - Return to work for parents

Part three - Life at home when you’re back at work

It’s one thing going back to work, but what next? The final 10-minute session in our series considers how things might work at home, life hacks to help, plus looking after yourself and your relationship while connecting with your small person/ people.      Download



Webinar - Mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn

The 5 most common mistakes that will stop you from getting noticed on LinkedIn - and how to avoid them. One of two webinars on using social media to boost your career. Download



Webinar - How to create a winning CV

A masterclass in how to produce a winning CV that will help to get you noticed and open doors.





Webinar - Acing your interview

An interview skills webinar which will help you prepare fully for interviews, whether virtual or face to face - including tips on body language and how to calm interview nerves.                                 




tttd1Webinar - Mental Health

An updated version of our popular introduction to mental health awareness webinar, this session provides an introduction into understanding mental health and includes one of our Mental Health Ambassadors sharing their personal experience. Presented by Rob Edwards.                                                       Download


tttd2Webinar - Workplace Mental Health

Hear from some of our Mental Health Ambassadors as they speak about their own personal experiences of mental health and discuss why awareness of mental health in the workplace is such an important topic.
Chaired by David Sherborn-Hoare.   Download


tttd3Webinar - Understanding Counselling

This session is your opportunity to find out more about the work of the LionHeart support team, and in particular our professional counselling service, which was used by almost a third of the people we helped last year. Chaired by Jo Grant     Download


wellbeingWebinar - Supercharge Your Wellbeing
Developed by a chartered surveyor, this webinar is a bite-sized version of our popular workshop. It will discuss tools and techniques you can use in everyday life, aimed at supercharging your wellbeing while studying for your APC and throughout your career.   Download 

TimeWebinar - Effective Time Management

Bite-sized time management tools and techniques to leave you feeling less frazzled and more organised.
This 30-minute webinar will help you learn tools and techniques to manage your time more effectively.


MentalWebinar - Introduction to Mental Health Awareness

What is mental health and why is looking after it important?
This introductory webinar will talk you through the different types of mental ill health, how to recognise a problem and where and when to seek support.   Download


talkingWebinar - Talking Menopause 

Menopause sometimes seems like the last taboo and yet women of menopausal age are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace.

This webinar discusses what menopause is and how you might manage typical symptoms, as well as advice for supporting colleagues, best practice workplace solutions and making reasonable adjustments to help women who might be struggling with their symptoms.  Download                                               


Webinar - Supercharge Your Jobhunt

A 30-minute webinar developed and presented by an expert on putting that zing into your job hunt so you can make good decisions about that all-important next step. We’ll cover self-assessment, writing a killer CV, the job hunt, the interview and how to make a decision that's right for you.    Download




Webinar - Creating a Positive Mindset

How you approach something mentally can make all the difference sometimes: learn how to maintain a positive mind and manage your emotions healthily. 


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