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"The support made an immense difference."

Ewan's story

Ewan* had experienced several major changes in his life professionally and personally when he contacted LionHeart to ask for support.

He'd moved home and job, got married and experienced serious illness within his family, and found himself under increasing pressure from what felt like all angles.

He said: "It was all beginning to feel overwhelming and was affecting my mental wellbeing."

We arranged for Ewan to have regular counselling sessions with LionHeart counsellor Bernadette Antoniou.

He said: "It gave me the opportunity to discuss my challenges with someone who is an exceptionally good listener and was able to offer a helpful, non-judgmental perspective, along with practical suggestions and proven methods.

"The support I received from LionHeart made an immense difference to my life and mental wellbeing. It was a highly personalised and professional quality service - a far cry from a 'tick box' exercise or scripted approach, which was greatly appreciated."

Ewan said the counselling had helped him make positive changes and get life back on a more even keel. He added: "It helped me to shift from feeling overwhelmed and anxious to being able to take action and change some habits for the better. This all made a positive difference not only to my own mindset, but to my relationship and those around me.

"I am hugely grateful to LionHeart and Berni for the invaluable support I received."


*Name changed to protect identity. Photo posed by model.