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Your Mental Health

Support for your mental health and wellbeing 

Did you know that around 1 in 6 British workers at any one time are suffering from common mental health problems such as stress, anxiety or depression?

The problem is so widespread that mental ill health among employees adds up to a staggering 70 million sick days every single year.

It's thought over one in four of us will be affected by mental health problems at some point in our lives. And yet it remains something that is often very difficult to talk about and can leave people feeling isolated and alone.

Poor mental health can limit how we go about our everyday life and can then lead to more serious problems. In certain stressful situations, for example, work pressures can cause poor concentration, mood swings and sleep disturbance. These symptoms can be just temporary as the situation improves, but at their worst, can have a devastating impact on people's lives and relationships with family and friends, or even lead to complete breakdown.

At LionHeart, we believe no-one should face a problem alone, and that goes for struggles with mental health as well. Here are some of the ways we can help you and your family:


We are proud to offer free, confidential counselling to RICS professionals and their partners with our team of in-house, highly qualified counsellors. We understand that when you need help, waiting for that help can be really detrimental to you. With LionHeart, you could be speaking to a professional in as little as a week and accessing the help you need without having to wait.

Emotional Support

Our helpline is staffed by experienced support officers who are there to listen and help with any issues you may be facing at work or at home that are affecting your mental wellbeing.

Work Life Balance

If work demands and stresses are spilling over into your home life our support officers can work with you to find a better balance. We offer one-to-one coaching as well as access to a legal helpline to help you understand your rights.

Managing Stress

Our expert team have helped many people manage their stress levels better so that they feel happier and healthier. We can help you identify the early stages of stress and offer resources to help you cope - hopefully before it becomes a real crisis.

Wellbeing Workshops and Webinars

We have a range of workshops and webinars that are specially designed for RICS professionals and APC candidates. These include mental health workshops, work life balance and building resilience and confidence - all aimed at helping you thrive at home and at work.

John O'Halloran Initiative

The John O'Halloran Initiative was set up to raise awareness and promote positive mental health and wellbeing in the property industry. It was established in memory of a retired chartered surveyor who sadly took his own life in 2015. LionHeart was asked to take over the running of this project in 2016, working closely with John's family and former colleagues, and it was to be the origins of much of our later work in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in the surveying profession.

Workplace Support

We are very pleased to work closely with our corporate partners and other property industry organisations to promote positive mental health. This includes delivery of our mental health awareness and wellbeing webinars and workshops and contributing to corporate events.  

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