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LionHeart Grants

Grants from LionHeart

LionHeart grants may be accessed by past and present RICS professionals, no matter where in the world they are based. 

These include a range of one-off grants or regular grants (up to two years) designed to help individuals and families in certain financial circumstances*. We do everything we can to make access to financial help as simple and as fast as possible.

What do we give money for?
  • We can agree a regular grant to help cover general living expenses in certain circumstances
  • We can help with purchase of essential items such as a fridge, cooker etc
  • In some circumstances we can pay for respite support for those with caring responsibilities
  • Other one-off or recurring expenses that are particular to you
Each person who comes to us is treated as an individual; however, we do need to follow some general guidelines. If you (or your partner) are a past or present RICS professional, can you also answer yes to one of these questions? 

  • Are you unemployed and in receipt of benefits?
  • Have you just been made redundant?
  • Do you have a long or short term illness or a disability?
  • Have you been bereaved recently?
  • Are you separating from your partner and struggling financially? 

Plus, does one of the following apply to you? 

  • You have more money going out each month than you have coming in
  • You have capital or savings of less than £25,000 (or equivalent)
  • You are on mean-tested welfare benefits

If so, then LionHeart may be able to offer financial assistance.


If you have your own business or are self-employed and experiencing financial pressures, we might still be able to help. We can sometimes provide short term help to get you through a particularly tough time.

Why not give us a call and speak to one of our support services team? Even if you don't think we can help financially, don't let that stop you getting in touch as there is a range of other ways we might be able to offer support. 


*All support given is at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.