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"LionHeart has been

a godsend to me"

Alan's story

Alan* was suffering from anxiety and depression, made worse by the recent death of a parent and subsequent legal issues over settling the estate.

He was in poor physical health and had also been unemployed for some time.

LionHeart offered regular telephone support and a monthly grant for a period of time to ease the pressure on Alan. A referral for initial legal advice was also given.

Support continued while Alan dealt with the probate issues. He later went on to secure a new job and made a fresh start in a new home.

He said: "My financial circumstances were at an all-time low. The financial support LionHeart gave me was an obvious relief, but also the emotional support provided helped me to cope with my anxiety.

"LionHeart has been a godsend to me. Without its support, I doubt I would have coped with what was an extremely low point in my life."

*Names changed to protect identities. Photo posed by model.