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David’s story

Having often made donations to LionHeart over the years, Kenyan
chartered surveyor and businessman David never dreamt he might one day need our help himself.

But he found himself in a precarious position and not sure if his social housing enterprise would survive the hurdle of the pandemic.
He said: “With Covid coinciding with a few business and personal situations, life became challenging financially and I found myself in my most vulnerable
financial position ever.”

Our financial support officer guided him through the process to apply for a grant to help cover his basic outgoings and keep his family home.
He said: “It ensured I could focus on sorting out the problems rather than stress about losing my home. It allowed me to focus on keeping the business afloat and on surviving through to 2021.

“Without these funds I don’t think I could have managed, but we’ve now
stabilised the business, kept the team working and at least got some income.
“A huge thank you to LionHeart. Your support officer was supportive, relaxed and easy to open up to; so reassuring during these difficult times.”


*David agreed to share his story. His name has been changed to protect privacy

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