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"I cannot describe how important your support was. The coaching was life-changing."
Mary's story

Mary was finishing treatment for cancer when she got in touch with LionHeart. A period of being unable to work had left her struggling to pay the bills, and she was desperate to get back into work to get back on an even keel personally and financially.

Clare, her LionHeart support officer, paid a visit to her home to get a good understanding for Mary's circumstances, and then kept in regular phone contact. A regular monthly grant was quickly agreed to take the immediate financial pressure off while she recovered from her treatment.

Mary, aged in her 50s, said: "I was suffering from acute financial stress and found myself extremely isolated at the time I contacted LionHeart. The grant allowed me to complete my treatment to full recovery. Your grant officers were sensitive to my situation and showed great kindness. 

"I cannot describe how important it was to receive the home visit and follow on contact from the support officer."

Later, Clare offered Mary some coaching sessions when she felt ready to resume her career and relocate after what had been a really difficult period.

Mary said: "The coaching with Clare that followed greatly assisted me in settling in to my new role. Most importantly it has allowed me to break the habit of a lifetime - working myself to burnout - and to really value my own time.

"For me, that coaching has been life-changing and I am extremely grateful to the highly skilled and insightful coach who guided me through the process." 

Now in a new job and a new home, Mary is looking forward to a healthier future.

*Mary agreed to share her story under a changed name. Picture posed by model