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Getting the balance right....

Work Life Balance

It's the age-old question: how do you get the balance right?

Work can help provide us with the income we need to meet our living costs. It can also give a sense of routine and purpose to our day, a sense of identity, and bring us contact with others. 

However, a number of factors such as long working hours, commutes, job insecurities, financial requirements and personal demands can leave us feeling over-stretched and struggling to find any balance in our lives.

The lack of balance in someone's life can be as a result of different experiences. For some, work remains an absorbing activity that ends up leaving them with no time for friends, family, interests or social events. This can then lead to feelings of isolation and no sense of wellbeing. 

For others, the constant demands of work and life can build up over time and can lead to high stress levels that impact on their own lives and relationships with others.

LionHeart offers a half-day Improve Your Work Life Balance workshop which is a lively, interactive session exploring tools and techniques to find a better balance between work and home. 

If you feel work demands are starting to have a negative impact on your work or personal life, you can also call a member of our support team for help.

Support may include:
  • A support officer to talk through your concerns in confidence
  • Information and resources on managing work stress 
  • Counselling with one of our experienced BACP registered counsellors
  • Additional help which may include legal advice from our partner Law Express or a referral to our careers consultant partners 
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