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Post APC Webinars

So you've passed your APC and are now a fully fledged Member of the RICS - congratulations!

After all that hard work there's probably a mixture of relief, happiness, but - dare we say it - a little bit of 'what now?'

You've spent so long focusing on this one goal of getting through your APC that it's not surprising if you suddenly feel a little bit direction-less. Perhaps it helps to think of it as not being at the end of something, but rather at the start of the rest of your career. 

Many of the early career professionals we work with tell us that this can be a tricky time professionally. You have the letters after your name but feel there is still so much more to learn to fulfill your potential. 

That's why we have devised a range of webinars to help hone some of the softer skills that will benefit your career and professional development so you can feel more confident about the next steps ahead. They have been specially designed for those who are less than two years post-qualification - but may also be on benefit to RICS professionals later on in their career as well.

Take a look at the subjects below to find out more:

Acing your interview


A one hour interview skills webinar which will help you prepare fully for interviews, whether virtual or face to face - including tips on body language and how to calm interview nerves.

It includes how to prepare for Competency, Value and CV-based questions, and helps you identify questions you might want to ask the interviewer.


We'll cover:

  • Purpose of an interview
  • Interview styles and formats
  • Answering questions effectively
  • Preparing for popular and difficult questions
  • Having sensible questions to ask
  • Body language and nerves

Categories: Post APC, Students & Apprentices, Career & Personal Development

presentation skills 400

Better presentation skills


If the thought of delivering a presentation has your heart racing and your mouth drying up, then this one hour  webinar is for you. It will help you to overcome your presentation nerves and become more confident when it comes to speaking in public or delivering a presentation online.

Ideal for anyone that wants to be a more confident presenter or who wants to learn some of the secrets behind a well-structured presentation, the webinar will include:

  • Overcoming nerves & changing beliefs
  • The physiology behind presenting
  • Effective presentation structure
  • The use of influential language in presentations
  • Tailoring your presentations to your audience
  • The effective use of visual aids

Categories: Post APC, APC, Career & Personal Development

business skills

Better skills for business


Get better skills for business with this career-boosting one hour webinar, aimed at those professionals who have taken on more responsibility for business development or growing revenue streams from an existing client base.

It will cover the kind of skills that give you a more confident footing in the workplace and will touch upon:

  • How to improve your questioning skills
  • Getting better at identifying your client's "drivers"
  • Qualifying commercial opportunities
  • Delivering your value proposition

Categories: Post APC, APC, Career & Personal Development

building your own brand 400

Building your own brand


A 60 minute webinar that will really help you understand the importance of building your own brand to boost your career.

It will help you to define and understand where your personal value lies, how to build your profile in an organisation and develop a professional network that benefits both you and your employer.

What we'll cover:

  • The importance of building your brand
  • Defining your professional Value Proposition
  • Identifying your internal "stakeholders"
  • Adding value to build your internal network.    

Categories: Post APC, APC, Career & Personal Development

Better communication skills

Better communication skills


Also available as Communication Skills (for students and apprentices)

Effective communication can make a huge difference to your work and relationships, including business and personal.

To communicate well, you need to be able to listen well - and understand your own preferred style of communication.

 This one-hour webinar explores what makes communication successful and how to apply it in different situations.

What's covered? 

 Personality profiling

  • Understanding the four personality styles and how they affect your interactions
  • Knowing how to flex your preferred communication style to elicit best results

The Mehrabians principle of effective communication 

  • Effective / Ineffective communication
  • The three V's of communication
  • Tone, pitch, pace, and inflection 
  • Passive and assertive language

Listening skills 

  • Recognise active and passive listening, and how it affects communication and relationships
  • Explore the barriers to active listening - and how to overcome them

Categories: Post APC, APC, Career & Personal Development, Students & Apprentices

cross culture comms 400

Cross-cultural communication


Communication makes the world go round, but what is cross cultural communication and how do we navigate it successfully in a business context?

This one-hour webinar will give you a start when it comes to understanding more about culture and how cultural values affects people and businesses around the world.


What we'll cover: 

  • Defining culture
  • Understanding how culture affects individuals & businesses
  • Exploring "Business Culture"
  • Hofstede's 6 Cultural dimensions
  • Doing business around the world - business etiquette

Categories: Post APC, APC, Career & Personal Development

winning cv 400

How to create a winning CV


Only available in our webinar library

A masterclass in how to produce a winning CV that will help to get you noticed and open doors.

This one hour CV skills webinar will look at and discuss different styles of CVs and how you can best use a CV to enhance your career opportunities and nail that dream job.


What we'll cover:                                      

  • What's the purpose of a CV?
  • Best practice tips (and what not to do!)
  • Preparation for your CV
  • Achievement Statements and how to smash them
  • Different styles of CV and when to use them

Categories: Career & Personal Development, Students & Apprentices, Post APC

work life web400

Improve your work life balance


A better work life balance is what many of us strive for when it seems like there simply aren't enough hours in the day to juggle the various responsibilities and demands on time.  

Although many more people have found themselves working from home over the past couple of years, initially due to Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions, it's important to remember that working from home doesn't automatically equal a good work-life balance!

An increased move to flexible/hybrid working will have undoubtedly blurred boundaries for many people, especially if you've been working from your dining table or are always tempted to answer that one last email before you log off.

This 60-minute webinar aims to help you find a healthy and sustainable balance between work and leisure. You'll explore ways to manage that balance so you can be more effective, productive and engaged in all areas of your life, both at home and at work.


What's covered?

  • What is work life balance?
  • Misconceptions and assumptions of work life balance
  • The work life balance equilibrium
  • How to use the work life wheel to consider the different areas of your life - and assess what is off balance for you
  • Work life balance and the importance of self care

Categories: Post APC, APC, Career & Personal Development, Health & Wellbeing

400managing difficult conversations

Managing difficult conversations


We've all experienced conversations we would really rather not have. But sometimes it's vital to have those conversations in order to resolve a problem or move a situation forward. This webinar aims to help people develop skills and confidence around managing difficult conversations, understand the awkward emotions that sometimes go with them, and how to effectively prepare for them in the future.

What we'll cover:

  • What makes a conversation difficult - both in and out of the workplace?
  • Why do we avoid these types of conversations?
  • Understanding the impact of attitudes and behaviours on challenging conversations
  • How to prepare yourself for a conversation you know is going to be challenging
  • Key takeaways to managing difficult conversations in future

Categories:  Career & Personal Development, APC, Post APC

Maximising your linkedin profile

Maximising your Linkedin profile


The 7 essentials to making the most of your LinkedIn profile to make an impact, get noticed and attract opportunities -one of two webinars on using social media to boost your career.   

This one-hour webinar will share straightforward and practical advice on creating a LinkedIn profile that really works for you and attracts more of the right opportunities (without being too sales-like or spammy!).  

You will learn:  

  • What 7 key things you need to get right on your profile 
  • How to apply the 7 essentials to support your goal 
  • How to use keywords on LinkedIn 

This is one of two webinars on making the most of social media to boost your career and raise your profile. You can check out the other subject, Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn.

Categories: Post APC, APC, Career & Personal Development


Mistakes to avoid on Linkedin


A short, sharp 30-minute webinar on the 5 most common mistakes on LinkedIn that will stop you from getting noticed and be a barrier to  attracting new clients to your profile - and what you can do to  avoid these pitfalls.  


You will learn:  

  • What the most common mistakes on LinkedIn are 
  • How to analyse your own profile for the common mistakes  
  • How to revise and improve your profile to attract new opportunities.


This is one of two webinars on making the most of social media to boost your career and raise your profile. You can check out the other subject, Maximising Your LinkedIn Profile.

Categories: Post APC, APC, Career & Personal Development

Job hunt web400

Supercharge your job hunt


A one-hour masterclass delivered by an expert to help you make your job hunt as effective as possible so you can find the right career opportunities for you and take your next steps.

This will include using platforms like LinkedIn and your CV to sell your skills and experience properly - and how to silence your noisy inner critic.


What we'll cover:

  • Get the clarity you need to craft your winning CV and optimise your LinkedIn profile so you showcase the best of your skills and experience to become THE stand out candidate - before you even apply!
  • Identify how and where to conduct an effective job search that attracts the right career opportunities
  • How to prepare yourself fully so you're in a position to wow the hiring manager at interview
  • Explore the noisy inner critic that might be holding you back so you can begin to reframe any negative thoughts and put your best self forward

Categories: Post APC, APC, Career & Personal Development, Students & Apprentices


Supercharge your wellbeing


Only available in our webinar library

Developed by a chartered surveyor, this webinar aims to help you supercharge your wellbeing while studying for your APC and throughout your career.


Just like a top athlete can't perform at their best when they have a cold, injury or are not focused, surveyors can't be at their best when their wellbeing isn't looked after properly - and in the worst cases, ignoring your wellbeing can lead to stress and burnout 

But it's not all about eating healthily or taking vitamins either...


You'll learn:

  • Tools and techniques to bring positivity and calm to your working environment
  • How to look after your wellbeing while working or studying hard 
  • Creating a support network to help young professionals deal with the stresses the industry brings

Categories: Post APC, APC, Career & Personal Development, Health & Wellbeing

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