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Welfare help for bereaved families

Welfare Benefits for the Bereaved

Suffering a bereavement is a difficult enough time without having to worry over finances or your family's security.
These are the non means-tested benefits which may be claimed: 

Bereavement Payment
A one-off lump sum payment which can be paid to a woman or man who was below state pension at the date they were widowed or whose civil partner has died. The payment must be claimed within 12 months of the death. It can also be paid to someone over state pension age if the person who died wasn’t entitled to a Category A state pension.

Widowed Parents Allowance
This can be paid to a widow or civil partner who was under state pension age and who has a child qualifying for Child Benefit (subject to the partner having met the National Insurance conditions). It is payable until the child ceases to qualify for Child Benefit. If this is less than 52 weeks from the date of death then Bereavement Allowance can be paid for the remainder of the 52 week period.

Bereavement Allowance

If you have no children who qualify for Child Benefit at the date of death and you were aged at least 45 and below state pension age you can be paid a bereavement allowance for 52 weeks from the date of death.

If you are struggling financially or emotionally after losing a loved one, please contact LionHeart to see how we may help.

Useful Resources
Helpline +44(0)121 289 3300 or 0800 009 2960 (UK Free)