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Catherine smCatherine Lambert

Catherine has a wealth of knowledge and experience at the highest level in the property industry from both a management and agency perspective. Catherine spent her formative years at Donaldsons helping to build a nationwide Shopping Centre Management team before moving to CBRE in 2004 as Head of Retail Asset Management and then to JLL in 2006 where she was appointed Chairman of Retail Management. In 2016 Catherine embarked on a new challenge at Cushman & Wakefield as UK Head of Retail Asset Services where she has built a market leading team and service offering aiming to become the Retail Manager of choice in the UK market. 

"Mental health has a stigma built off fear and ignorance and is a extremely important subject that is not often discussed and rarely addressed in the business world. As well as building a highly successful career in, at times, very challenging circumstances, I am a wife and a mother to four children. Throughout my career I have been asked how I have managed to balance my personal and work lives. Sharing and normalising my personal experiences often helps others and, whilst I have been doing so privately, I am now advocating a far more open culture in the business world; an acceptance that mental illness, whether routed in workplace stress or home life, is just as serious as physical illness and can be successfully managed or cured if the symptoms are recognised and causes treated.  I have personally lived through and witnessed prejudices across a number of generations, borne out of a lack of understanding. A healthy look at what mental health issues are, how to recognise the effects, and what can be done is essential if we are to put into place an infrastructure to support and help real people.  Raising awareness and bringing this historically taboo subject to the fore is long overdue." 

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