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Finance Introduction to Money
Start looking after your future

Money Management

It's never too early to have a financial plan. Ideally, the best time to begin financial education is as early as possible, preferably during childhood. 

But the reality for most of us is that we don’t begin to think about our finances seriously until we are facing major life changes such as the start of a new career, buying a home or starting a family.

Everyone is different and major landmarks on one person’s journey may not feature at all in another’s, but we all have some specific short or long-term goals. 

Sometimes, unexpected events can throw us off track but from buying a house to setting up your own business or even taking a sabbatical to travel around the world, some major life events need not be a headache if we have planned for them.

The start of your career is a perfect time to begin thinking seriously about your finances. Financial matters can seem complex so many take a ‘hands-off’ approach, as they are unsure of how best to invest. However, with just a little forward planning, you can look forward to a healthy personal and professional financial future. 

With this in mind, LionHeart teamed up with financial planning experts to bring RICS professionals a range of money management webinars and workshops.

The workshops are lively interactive sessions led by experienced trainers, and even count towards your CPD. 

Topics covered include:

  • Financial planning
  • Money management, creation of good habits and debt management
  • Protection (protecting your money, including insurance and will-writing)
  • Homes and mortgages (including how to own your home sooner!)
  • Pensions and savings

Feedback from attendees includes:

"Pensions. Generally not a subject talked about at my age, but something that should be looked at from a young age."

"Really enjoyed the speaker, it was a really informative session."

"A very well put together and useful programme."

"I got an understanding of finances and motivation to do something with wages."