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 Introduction to Money Management

Aim: To equip you with the right tools to make good financial decisions now, to help prevent money worries in the future.

Who is it for? This workshop is ideally suited to those just starting out in their career - forward planning can help to improve your long-term personal and  professional financial health. 

 LionHeart has teamed up with leading financial planning consultancy Jelf Money At Work to offer Introduction to Money Management workshops for people like you. 

As well as giving you great tips to start planning your money matters better, the workshops also count towards your RICS CPD requirements.

What’s covered? 

  • What is a financial plan and how do you put one together? 
  • Managing student loans and other debts 
  • Different ways of saving for the future
  • What is a pension and how do they work? 
  • How should I invest? Risk v Reward
  • Other financial matters to consider
More dates coming soon!

To register for future CPD workshops and events, please email:

Helpline 0845 6039057* or     024 7646 6696