Managing Mental Health at Work

Aim: Learn how to recognise when a staff member is struggling, and how you can support them professionally, and what companies are obliged to do by law.

 Who is it for?

Anyone who manages staff or who finds themselves informally doing so.

Attendees must have previously completed the Mental Health Awareness workshop to do this course.


 What’s covered?


  •  The different models of mental health
  •  How mental illnesses are identified
  •  The causes, signs, symptoms, treatment and support options that relate to stress,    anxiety and depression 
  •  What organisations are expected to do for employees who are stressed, anxious or  depressed.
  •  What individuals are expected to do for themselves
  • What to do if this doesn't work and the problem worsens
  • Appropriate language and topics for 1:1 meetings with staff who are struggling
OuOur workshops are free but we are very grateful to those who pay a suggested donation of up to £20 to attend. On average, it costs us £50 a head to offer this service to RICS professionals, so any donations help us to cover these costs!
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