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jen and partner


LionHeart ambassador Jen Hobart tells her 2020 lockdown story of furlough, redundancy and new starts. Read more

shutterstock_276458135 (cropped)


LionHeart's first Volunteering Manager Melissa Gough-Rundle on the power of the volunteer, and the plans for our ambassador programme. Read more 

tttday 2021


We're planning a programme of online sessions this Time to Talk Day on February 4th, to get people thinking - and talking - about mental health. Read more

smiley-2979107_640 (cropped)


Having a Veruca Salt-style foot stamp might seem really appealing sometimes… but you can learn to adjust your mindset and how you deal with the cards we're holding at the moment. Read more

stuart & family (cropped) (cropped)


Our ambassador Stuart Howison MRICS on home schooling, home working, and a wife as a nurse - and how it all affected his mental health. Read more  

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