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A Warm Welcome

From LionHeart

LionHeart is the charity for RICS professionals past and present, and their families.
We pride ourselves on offering the expert and confidential support that can help prevent life's challenges from turning into life's crises. 
We'll spend time listening to your concerns and worries and talk you through some of the ways we can offer help.
Usually, you'll speak to the same member of our support services team, so we can make sure our support is consistent and you get to know who you're talking to.
Everyone is different, and we wouldn't expect to offer the same response to everyone. Instead, you'll get a tailor-made package of support which is right for your circumstances. 

Take a look below to find out just some of the ways we can offer support:

Financial Support 

LionHeart can help financially in certain circumstances with grants for up to two years.
We also offer debt management and advice, or help you with bankruptcy fees. And we run workshops which will help prepare you for a sounder financial future, whether you're at the beginning of your career or preparing for retirement.

Health & Wellbeing 

Our professional BACP registered counsellors offer confidential counselling either over the phone or via secure video calling. We know fast access to help when you need it is vital, so we keep our waiting lists low and you can be speaking to one of our counsellors within a week of your call. 
While you are undergoing counselling, our support officers may also offer a range of other help.

Work-Related Support 

We have employment specialist partners who can offer one-to-one advice, careers coaching, and access to online resources that cover topics like networking, personal branding, interview skills, and much more. 
If you come to us due to job loss, you may be offered our Back to Work Scheme, alongside some financial support and health and wellbeing support. 
Our support officers are also able to offer one-to-one coaching style sessions.

Legal Support

If you have a legal problem we can offer a referral for one-off legal advice and signpost you towards further help.

Global (non-UK) Members 

Our members outside the UK may receive financial support in certain circumstances, as well as our Back to Work Scheme over the phone and access to online resources.
Members in some European countries may also access initial legal advice. 

RICS members in Ireland may access certain services including financial help, Back to Work help, professional counselling and legal advice.

We're not just here for RICS professionals: every year we support family members too. Make sure you tell your loved ones about us. Find out more here