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Could your firm be a LionHeart partner? 

LionHeart's Corporate Partnerships

LionHeart is committed to working with the surveying community to help build stronger and happier businesses, which is why we’re developing our links with firms through corporate partnerships.

We’re proud to be working with some of the industry’s biggest names to help them make sure they’re offering their staff the very best support possible.


Why sign up?


Surveying can be a very pressured career, which can lead to workplace stress and challenges. Sometimes juggling that with all the usual demands of modern life can mean that employees can start to struggle.


Our corporate partners can be confident that LionHeart has an expert team on hand to deliver personal, flexible support when their staff need it.

We know that, as a good employer, you will probably already be offering many opportunities for support to your employees. Having LionHeart as part of that arsenal can really help you build competitive advantage as a good employer.


Without proper CSR, it’s hard to compete for work and staff in today’s market. Top talent is drawn to organisations that have healthy working environments and that take responsibility for the welfare and wellbeing of their workforce.


Our experience shows us that staff can find it easier to share personal challenges with external partners that understand what they’re experiencing. And staff who receive the right support in times of need will be more productive and committed to their work in the long term, because they feel valued.


We make it really easy for you to be a corporate partner:

  • We don’t ask for corporate donations
  • We provide regular updates and information for you to forward to your RICS professionals
  • You have easy access for your employees to our range of workshops
  • We make it easy for your RICS professionals to support us through a regular donation
  • We can add an extra element to your APC training and induction, and can also contribute to your internal wellbeing programmes

To find out more about becoming a LionHeart corporate partner, please email


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Our Corporate Partners:

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