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Having a professional career doesn’t make you immune to money worries and financial 'wellbeing' - or lack of - will impact every area of your life.

When you are in control of your money, you feel more in control of your lives - so you can get on with the things you love.  That's why we're offering the chance to try nudge, an impartial and independent financial education platform which coaches you to better understand your finances and take action to help you plan your future.


Whether you’re trying to understand pensions and savings, planning for a holiday or getting on the property ladder - or simply looking to save money on your everyday outgoings - it pays to be as financially savvy as possible.


What does nudge do?

Nudge for LionHeart includes access to:

  • A combination of personalised financial education and step by step guides with calculators, interactive budget planners, saving plans and trackers
  • A free financial health ‘check up’ to help you understand where you’re thriving and where there’s room for improvements - from saving and spending, to borrowing and planning
  • A personalised financial education feed, packed with the latest financial news and information, delivered to you in bite-size, jargon free posts
  • A selection of interactive tools to help you plan, prepare and organise your finances
  • When there is something you need to know, or a financial action you ought to take, nudge will send you a personal, timely notification - or nudge - to take action. Based on your unique profile, you’ll only ever be informed of things that will affect you or your money and you can also choose how to receive them 


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