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Welfare Benefits

Could you be entitled to help?

If you are experiencing financial difficulties due to unemployment, ill-health, being elderly, bereavement or a lone parent you may be entitled to some benefits to help you financially.

The benefits system is very complicated and subject to change. There is some information below, but one of our experienced support officers will be happy to discuss your specific circumstances and help you navigate the system. 

Further details and the latest rates can be found on the government website or on the Citizens Advice website. These include: 

Non-means-tested benefits
Non-means-tested benefits do not take into account any savings or income you may have. 

Means-tested benefits

These can be claimed if you have capital/savings below the capital limit (currently £16,000), and have no other income or a low income (different income thresholds apply depending on who is a member of your household and whether you are entitled to any premiums). If you are married or living with a partner you will be assessed as a couple for any means-tested benefits.

The links below may help give you further information. Alternatively one of our experienced support officers will be happy to help advise you if you contact us on 
0121 289 3300 or 0800 009 2960.

Welfare Benefits for Older People

Lone Parent's Welfare Benefits

Welfare Benefits for the Bereaved

Job Seekers

Useful Resources

Turn2Us Benefits Calculator
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