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Workplace bullying

Would you know how to deal with workplace bullying?

Workplace bullying can take shape or form in many different ways. If you feel as though you are experiencing bullying in the workplace, this can be a very devastating and distressing issue. 

You may be feeling very low and anxious at the thought of going to work and facing the individual or group that may be subjecting you to this.

Signs of being bullied at work:
  • Being constantly criticised, having duties and responsibility taken away without good reason
  • Shouting, aggressive behaviour or threats towards you
  • Being put down or made to feel like the 'butt' of the jokes
  • Being persistently picked on in front of others or in private
  • Being constantly ignored, victimised and excluded regularly
Bullies may display some of these behaviours:
  • Constantly mocking and attacking members of staff
  • Spreading malicious rumours about members of staff
  • Misuse of power or position to make someone feel uncomfortable or victimised
  • Making threats about job security without any basis or substance
  • Blocking promotion or progress within the workplace
Bullying in itself is not unlawful; however harassment is under the Equalities Act 2010, and your place of work should have policies in place to ensure that you are working within a positive culture of respect and dignity.

If you believe you are being bullied at work, you don't have to suffer in silence.

If bullying is making you feel overwhelmed and you want someone to confide in, please consider contacting us. Our friendly and professional team are able to offer confidential support.

Useful Resources
  • For further advice on workplace bullying visit the Acas website.  
  • Acas have also produced leaflets on Bullying and Harassment at Work for employees and managers
Helpline +44(0)121 289 3300 or 0800 009 2960 (UK Free)