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LionHeart is there for RICS professionals all over the world, no matter where they are based. We are supporting a growing number of surveyors living and working outside the UK, although we know there are many more people who may not know the full extent of the support they can get through LionHeart. We have started to recruit volunteers who are willing to help us build a global network, raise awareness and increase our reach even further.

Our global networking ambassadors have pledged to spend time raising LionHeart's profile in their professional communities so that even more surveyors realise how we can help them, at any stage of their career and no matter what challenges they may face.

Alongside our long-standing mental health ambassadors and APC ambassadors, we hope to engage a number of RICS professionals all over the world who will be advocates for LionHeart and help us build even stronger links in the surveying community.

If you would be interested in finding out more, please give the team a call or email us at

Babatunji Adegoke

Babatunji Adegoke


Babatunji is a chartered project management surveyor with over a decade of experience in managing million-dollar complex projects in the property, construction and civil engineering industry, spanning residential, commercial, mixed use developments and infrastructure.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's degree in Construction Management, both from the University of Lagos, and is a corporate member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, a professional member of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, a registered Engineer with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria and a registered Quantity Surveyor with the Quantity Surveyors Registration Board of Nigeria.

Babatunji was appointed a member of the Committee on International Affairs by the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS) for 2021-2023 and is passionate about helping young professionals in the built environment achieve their potential.

He said: "I want to be a part of the LionHeart family to contribute my bit towards the development of the RICS, and hope to let my fellow professionals know that LionHeart will always there to support them throughout their professional career and beyond."

Kevin Brogan

Kevin Brogan


A chartered surveyor of over 30 years, Kevin Brogan leads the group risk and compliance function of Herron Todd White. A well-respected market commentator on the Australian property industry, he has also served on RICS Governing Council and as chair of the API South Australia Committee.

He says: "As a member of RICS Governing Council, I have had broad oversight of LionHeart.  Despite this, I have not been actively engaged with the charity and I feel that is something I would like to change. 

"I have had a lifelong association with RICS (including membership for over 30 years) and my motivation for standing for election to Governing Council was to contribute something.  Now my term has come to an end, I would like to continue to contribute; LionHeart provides an opportunity to make a real difference to the benefit of others who may need support. As an ambassador, I hope to help raise the profile of LionHeart, and RICS generally, in Australia."

luciano capaldo

Luciano Capaldo


Luciano Capaldo FRICS has over 30 years' experience spanning civil, building and environmental engineering and architecture, working with several major international institutions. He now specialises in real estate appraisals and management all over Europe and the Far East.

He says: "I was drawn to supporting LionHeart because I feel fortunate to have achieved much in my career and life has always smiled at me. Unfortunately for some people, at some points in their lives, that smile is taken away through no fault of their own and I am convinced LionHeart can help provide that smile and support when it is most needed."

kieran chauhan copy

Kieran Chauhan


Kieran began his career in the construction industry in 2010 in the UK, becoming chartered in 2014 and moving to Dubai to work in construction claims and dispute resolution.

At the age of 28, Kieran obtained fellowship with the RICS, making him the youngest FRICS across the globe at the time. He has since continued to use this as a platform to inspire the next generation of professionals in the industry. He is also actively involved with the RICS in the Middle East and chairs the UAE National Board.

Kieran is proud to be an ambassador for LionHeart and says: "I hope to raise awareness of LionHeart and all the great assistance it offers to professionals in the industry, in the hope even more people will use their services and therefore not have to suffer in silence."

JD photo

 James Douglas


James Douglas is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with UK and NZ experience, who is now based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has worked as a Contractor's QS, and now works with a PQS firm.

James has a strong interest in service and giving back to the community. As well as being involved with LionHeart, James is also involved with the NZ RICS Member Engagement Group, is head of the NZ RICS Matrics committee, and volunteers with a national community support agency.

He says: "Through working with LionHeart as an ambassador, I hope to bring my volunteer training to help the local RICS community, helping to foster and spread the LionHeart ideals of integrity, compassion, professionalism and flexibility."

Rosemargaret Esubonteng

Rosemargaret Esubonteng


Rosemargaret Esubonteng is a chartered quantity surveyor with almost four decades of experience in the built environment. She is the founder and principal consultant in OshDarley Consult, a quantity surveying and project management firm in Ghana working with public and private sector clients. Rosemargaret is the current President of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors and is looking forward to using this network to build awareness and links with LionHeart.

She says: "I know that sometimes life may take a difficult turn for people and during such times a truly supportive intervention is valuable. I am very glad to be able to let our members in Ghana know about the different types of assistance Lionheart offers to all RICS members across the globe that they are equally able to access."

Henry Magbo

Henry Magbo


Henry Magbo is a chartered quantity surveyor with professional membership of RICS and the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS), working across the residential and commercial sectors and advising on procurement and contract strategy management. His past projects have included delivery of roads and airport infrastructure as a government consultant, and large residential housing projects. A past chair of the Navigators Nigeria Staff Housing Scheme Management Committee, he is currently working towards completion of an MBA.

He says: "I enjoy supporting people and being part of a team that encourages others. I am always inspired when I hear the success stories of people who didn't relent in their struggle and want to play a part in their success stories, in any small way I can, having gone through a similar path myself in the past. I believe strongly that humans should help one another and being a LionHeart ambassador provides a platform to help me achieve this."

Dele Mosaku

Dele Oyekanmi


Dele Oyekanmi FRICS has more than 30 years experience as a commercial, contracts and procurement professional in the UK, Europe and the Middle East & North Africa and is currently involved with one of the world's most innovative and impacting projects, The Line with NEOM in Saudi Arabia.

Dele became chartered in 2002 and a Fellow in 2014. As a strong motivated RICS member, Dele has been a member of the International Conduct and Competence Global Advisory Group and acts as a chairman for the APC. He has been mentor and counsellor for many potential Chartered Surveyors around the world.

Dele first began volunteering as a schoolboy and student. He would later take a voluntary career break to travel to Brazil which inspired him to set up non-profit Destiny Builders, helping the widows of genocide, orphans and young adults in Sub Sahara Africa for the last 25 years.

He says: "As an ambassador for LionHeart, I want to use the voluntary life skills I have developed over the years to help other professionals who deserve mental and professional support. I believe strongly in giving back and using your gifts to serve humanity."

joel_scherrenberg 2021

Joel Scherrenberg


Joel Scherrenberg is an active RICS member in the Netherlands, chairing the national Board. Day to day he works as a valuer of public real estate, mostly health care related.

He said: "Throughout my work I try to make our society a little bit better every day. Becoming an ambassador for LionHeart is for me a logical step because the organisation offers guidance and a helping hand when needed towards our members when they need this most. It is a marvellous complement to the professional guidance offered through the RICS membership."

Marna van der Welt copy

Marna van der Welt


South-Africa-based Marna van der Walt is CEO of Excellerate Property Services, a group of companies with over 16,000 staff, R180 Billion in assets, delivering a wide range of integrated property solutions across Africa, UAE and the UK.

A Chartered Accountant and Fellow of RICS, she has extensive experience in the property industry, having served as President of the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) and the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC). She has also worked with RICS International Governing Council and the Women's Property Network, among other professional organisations.

She says: "I'm excited to be a Global Ambassador for LionHeart, as their support provides hope, kindness and comfort in so many people's lives."

Anthony Walker

Anthony Walker


Anthony has more than 35 years of industry experience as a surveyor and project manager, having held senior positions within the public and private sectors, and as a senior civil servant with the Department for Education where he led the Property Data Survey Programme, the largest single building surveying programme carried out in Europe circa 52 million m2. In addition, he served as a commissioned officer in the Royal Engineers, British Army and worked on property projects across Europe, southeast Asia and the South Atlantic.


Anthony is a Fellow of the RICS, a former member of the UK and Ireland World Regional Board member, former chair of the Building Surveying Professional Group Board and judge for the young surveyor of the year. He regularly speaks and writes journal articles of the use of technology to collect property asset data. In addition he is a Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers and a Global Ambassador with LionHeart.

He says, "Several years ago, my whole family went through a tough time when a tree fell on our house, we narrowly escaped with our lives and were homeless for many months. At the time, I was not fully sighted on the support Lionheart could have provided even though I have been an RICS member for many years - so I am keen to support them and raise awareness of the incredible work they do"