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Welcome to LionHeart's library of pre-recorded webinars which all have your health and wellbeing at heart. If you have any queries about our online learning, please contact

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Health & Wellbeing
Alcohol almost cost me everything
Alcohol Almost Cost me Everything
Listen to one of LionHeart's mental health ambassadors as they share their personal experience of alcohol and mental ill-health.
Health & Wellbeing, Career & Personal Development
Avoiding Burnout 400
Avoiding Burnout
With the multiple demands of modern life, a recent survey found one in five workers feel stressed more days than they don't - and half are close to burning out altogether. This one-hour webinar will help you understand the signs and triggers of burnout and what you can do to avoid it.
Health & Wellbeing
Introduction to Mental health
Mental Health Awareness
What is mental health and why is looking after it important? This introductory webinar looks at the different types of mental ill health, how to recognise a problem, plus where and when to seek support.                                              2024
Career & Personal Development, Health & Wellbeing
imposter 400
Beyond Imposter Syndrome
What is Imposter Syndrome and how do you learn to embrace your inner critic so you can thrive at work?
Health & Wellbeing
Understanding Mental Wellbeing (400 x 282 px)
Understanding Mental Wellbeing
What is mental wellbeing and the many factors that can affect it? This 60 minute-long webinar will explore the impact of culture, religion and tradition around mental health.
Health & Wellbeing
Mens Health Panel
Men's Health Month Panel Discussion
A live Men's Health Month online panel discussion, involving some of LionHeart's male ambassadors and trainers. Chatting about men's health and wellbeing, from the physical to the mental, what barriers there are to getting support - and how to overcome them.
APC, Health & Wellbeing
managing setbacks
Moving on from Setback or Disappointment
"It's not about the falling down, but how you get up..." One of our counsellors explains some of the CBT techniques and principles they use to help clients move on from a setback or disappointment, such as APC referral.
Health & Wellbeing
Understanding anxiety
 Understanding Anxiety
What is anxiety? What causes it and how does it feel? Our counsellor explains different anxiety conditions, treatment methods and some of the self-care techniques that can help you with your own anxiety.
will writing web400
Switch on to Will Writing
Life is full of things you have to do at any given time, so it's no surprise that making your will is often way down the list. This webinar gives an introduction to wills, why you need one, and what you need to think about.
Health & Wellbeing
neurodiversity at work 400
Neurodiversity at Work
A recorded panel discussion in which some of the LionHeart ambassadors share their experiences of what it's like being neurodivergent and pursuing a career in surveying.
Health & Wellbeing
Neurodiversity parents 400
Neurodiversity: The Parents' Perspective
Parenting doesn't come with a manual, but that's even more true of bringing up neurodivergent children. Some of our team share what it's like learning to look at the world through a different lens.
Health & Wellbeing
neurodiversity 400
Neurodiversity Understood
An introduction to understanding the huge subject that is neurodiversity. We'll also look at the positives a neuro-diverse workforce can bring, and how to become more inclusive in society and at work.
Dealing with Debt
Debt is often a difficult topic to talk about, but one that's vitally important to address in order to overcome. This webinar will discuss 'bad debt', how to approach paying debt off, maintain credit scores and avoid problems in the future.
Wellbeing for APC Referral
Being referred at your final APC assessment can knock you for six, but our special one-hour webinar will give you practical tips to move forward successfully - while looking after your wellbeing at the same time.
Health & Wellbeing
Supporting carers 400
Supporting Carers in the Workplace
More people than ever before are juggling work with caring for an ill or disabled family member, friend or partner. Find out more about the challenges these employees face and how you can support them.
Health & Wellbeing
caring for elderly relatives 400
Caring for Elderly Relatives
1 in 8 of us now cares for an elderly relative. This webinar looks at how to balance work and your caring responsibilities, looking after your own wellbeing, your legal rights and what support may be available to you.
Career & Personal Development
Return to work400
Return to Work for Parents Pt 1
Your Career & Returning to Work: The first 15-minute session in this series looks at the positives and negatives of returning to work, from flexible working and work-life balance to career goals and reconnecting with the working you.
Career & Personal Development
Return to work400
Return to Work for Parents Pt 2
Choosing & Managing Childcare: The second 15-minute session in our series explores the childcare aspect of returning to work, considering your options, how childcare will work for your family, and paying for childcare.
Career & Personal Development
Return to work400
Return to Work for Parents Pt 3
Life at Home When you're Back at Work: It's one thing going back to work, but what next? The final 10-minute session considers how things might work at home, life hacks to help, plus looking after yourself/ your relationship while connecting with your little one.
Career & Personal Development, Post APC, APC
Mistakes to Avoid on LinkedIn
The 5 most common mistakes that will stop you from getting noticed on LinkedIn - and how to avoid them. One of two webinars on using social media to boost your career.
Health & Wellbeing
Understanding Bereavement in the Workplace
Sadly, bereavement and loss is something we all go through in life, yet we're often spectacularly ill-equipped to deal with it! We look at how grief can affect someone, things to consider in a work setting, and how best to offer support.
Career & Personal Development, Post APC, Students & Apprentices
winning cv 400
How to Create a Winning CV
A masterclass in how to produce a winning CV that will help to get you noticed and open doors. We'll look at different styles of CVs, achievement statements and how they can help nail that dream job.
Career & Personal Development, Post APC, Students & Apprentices
Acing your Interview
An interview skills webinar to help you prepare for virtual or face to face interviews - including tips on body language, how to calm interview nerves, and approaches to competency, value and CV-based questions.
APC, Career & Personal Development, Health & Wellbeing
Supercharge your Wellbeing
Developed by a chartered surveyor, this popular webinar discusses the tools and techniques you can use in everyday life to supercharge your wellbeing while studying for your APC and throughout your career.
Career & Personal Development, APC
Effective Time Management
Bite-sized time management tools and techniques to leave you feeling less frazzled and more organised. We'll cover some of the tricks you can use to manage your time - and effort - more effectively.
Health & Wellbeing
talking menopause
Talking Menopause
Women of menopausal age are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace - but it seems like a last taboo! We'll look at typical symptoms and what might help, plus best practice workplace solutions and reasonable adjustments.
Career & Personal Development
Coping with Redundancy
Being made redundant can be a really stressful time and can affect your confidence and mental health.  Delivered by a chartered surveyor with personal experience of redundancy, this webinar will help you process what's happened and offer tips on how to move forward.